Wednesday, May 17, 2017

More Adventures Before our Departure to Portland

We found a few parks in Seattle that were fun, and went to the McDonald's play place WAY too often. 
We went to walk around the temple in Bellevue. Insert big heart here.

Once our 30 days of an apartment stay were up, we went down to Portland where Dewy was training and stayed with him in his hotel. They were fine with pets and the room was very spacious! We were on our way at this point to closing on our house we purchased, and so all we had to do was wait it out in Portland until we could go up to OUR house! ah! Man, still so crazy to say.

In Portland I took the kids to lots of various activities as well. We searched for a park on google and the one that came up was the EXACT one my sister's family lived behind while they lived in Portland. It was such a sweet coincidence and I kept thinking back to playing with my sweetie little nieces when they were as tiny as my boys and I was a newlywed!

I knew we had to go see the beautiful Multnomah Falls. It has a tiny hike to the bridge and it was so beautifully sunny I couldn't resist!

Some treats to energize the littles up the hill :) IGNORE haircut!!!

They LOVED the mist we could feel up by the bridge

The day was so perfect and made those days are difficult bearable. What a heavenly place!

We found the jackpot of children's activities off of one exit. It had a zoo, children's museum, forestry center, and arboretum. We started with the forestry center since I knew the boys would love the children's museum the most.

I got few pictures due to the kids activity level at each place. We still have places I want to explore in Oregon so I am looking forward to when we can go back next!

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