Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Final Days in our Seattle Apartment

The month in Seattle has made me adore it. I have an attachment to that city now! I find it soooo lovely. We found maybe the top pizza place of MY LIFE right by our apartment!!! MMMMMM. I want moreeeee. Needless to say our eating has been........ not so good.

Dewy began his 3 weeks of training and so the boys and I went off to explore while he was gone. We went up to the Skagit Valley where they have a tulip festival every year. That was beautiful and so charming!

beautifulllllll city

The week we had before Dewy's training began gave us a few days to explore WITH him. We all went to the Pike Place Market, and I returned later in the week with the kids because it was so magical!

cheese shop :)

I took the boys to see the Bridge Troll as well. We listened to Billy Goat's Gruff on the way and it was such a blast. The kids couldn't believe it and MAN that thing was huge!

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