Wednesday, February 8, 2017

New Year With a New Sport

I loved the boys all in comfy robes after bath time. It was precious. Especially munching on their tortillas

We have started basketball! It was the perfect sport for January with our upcoming move. It goes until the first week of March and that's about all we'll have time for. We'll pick up swimming again in the summer, but for now we are LOVING basketball. Wesley especially.

Tucker is not big on team sports, but all the more reason to give him some practice at it before he can go be lone-runner/swimmer/whatever Tuck. That boy loves to run. He still has a great time in bball once he gets going.

Dewy is getting out of the military come April so we have a whole bunch of changes coming up. Big BIG changes. We are off to Seattle, Washington to spend who knows how many years and getting ready here QUICK!


  1. Done with the military!? That will be a big change! Excited for you guys with your new adventures

  2. So happy for you guys! I've been wondering what the latest was. I'll be watching for more updates!