Saturday, April 22, 2017

First Easter in Washington!

The Saturday before Easter we found a big Easter festival to go to that had all sorts of activities going on. We went on a scavenger hunt to earn the bags of eggs for the boys, and then spent some time waiting for a bouncy slide which the boys are quite big fans of. 

While we were waiting in line they requested action shots of their jumps :)

That evening Dewy and I hid eggs all around which the boys woke up to and went searching for the next morning. Easter was such a beautiful day!

Dewy also flew out on Easter for his first week of training in Phoenix, so the boys and I took a little field trip during the week to the Skagit Tulip Festival.

We had such a fun time :) I think getting them ice cream helped....

Beautiful spring in the city!

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Happy Birthday Dew!

We made Dewy some breakfast in bed for his birthday, and I ordered him to sleep in since he normally wakes up early to take Solo on a run. We had a special surprise planned for his birthday!

We drove to Edmonds and met his brother and his girlfriend's parents who were in town from China! We all got aboard a whale-watching boat and took off. The boys were so excited, and it has been YEARS since we've seen Spencer. I'm so glad we have him living close by now!

This is about as good as my whale pictures got.... it was so hard to catch them quickly enough and the CD they sold of pictures from our trip was $30. That wasn't about to happen haha. We were able to get so close and saw probably 5 whales in different locations!

We had a week in our apartment with Dewy before he had to flight out to go to his various trainings before he starts his job here, so we took advantage of that and went to the Seattle Children's Museum.

We also met Spencer and his girlfriend, Ye, and her parents at an arcade attached to a bowling alley for some Friday night fun. It was a great time. Ye's parents can't speak any English but they just loved Maxxy and hung around him most of the time. It was so sweet :) Ye also let me know they both thought Max's hair made him look like a girl.... hahaha!

We found authentic NY pizzzzzzaaaaa! Holy happy! ENORMOUS, and soooo delicious. AND right by our apartment. We'll be frequenting it I believe.

I mean, how happy does Wes look hahaha

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Trek to the NW

I hardly took a single picture one our trip to WA, but we had a really nice two day rest stop in Utah where we relaxed and played with cousins, Grammy, and my siblings. The drive itself went very smoothly. We left very early on our drive days and arrived by dinner time to our destinations. The boys mostly played games and watched shows and we had a few breaks now and then. We went from dry, dry deserts to green rolling hills to lush mountain forests! Quite the transition. 
Poor pup had very limited space in the back
Our first four days were spent at a hotel for the "house hunting trip" Dewy's company provided for us. Love me a hotel where people clean up after you!! haha. We did all of our house hunting and found our house and got our offer accepted by day 3. Our kiddos did NOT enjoy driving around looking at houses all day for two days, but it was worth it and we have found our house. Just need to wait for the process to finish up to buy it so we can move in!

On day 4 we moved into our temporary apartment in downtown Seattle that Dewy's company provides for 30 days. After that we are on our own. We have about a two week gap right now before we can move into our house so we will need to figure something out for that time, but right now we are enjoying the feel of city life.

Seattle is BEAUTIFUL. I haven't seen a run-down area yet, although I'm sure it exists. They keep it quite clean and every corner has something artistic about it.

view from our apartment
We have been a little homesick for how homey El Paso felt with how new everything is here, but Tucker's STELLAR teacher that I adore was sweet enough to let him FaceTime with the class from our apartment. They were all so excited and asked Tucker all about his move. Wow, we just had wonderful teachers and people there. Just have to remind myself that we will find great people here too because they are everywhere :)

Friday, March 31, 2017

Final Days!

We had a holiday to celebrate before the move and had some green milk in our cereal, read some Dr. Seuss, and ate Lucky Charms. Happy St. Patties! 

 Leslie and Eder missed our farewell dinner and invited us to a special dinner at their house to say goodbye. It was HEAVEN! They are amazing chefs, those two :) We will miss these buddies so much

 and these two beauuuuuuties

 Michelle and Ryan also couldn't make it to our farewell dinner and so we went on a final hike up to the Aztec caves with them. It was so fun... we just love them! I won't mention the Star Wars sleepover Dewy and Ryan had before we left :))))))) hahaha

 Tucker's Kindergarten graduation pictures came before we left which was so nice! I love this :) He has absolutely thrived with his wonderful teacher, Ms. Esco. We were in tears his final day saying goodbye!

 Here's our pile of fun that the movers didn't pack that we needed to take with us....

 poor pup is so confused
 There has been a lot of this with all the craziness. Tough life...
 I broke our bed the day before the movers came when I tried to move it....
 And we had an influx of ants suddenly!! All over the house! Ick
 Chrissy didn't have her baby before I left, but we did get to have a shower for her/birthday shindig. Girls night!

 Chrissy and her hosts

 She was the only one that could lure sweet baby girl to sleep 
 I had to say more difficult goodbyes to these girlfriends that I loooooove. So much. I will miss seeing them every Sunday