Tuesday, May 30, 2017

We Bought a House!

Wow, what a big step in life! You can only be a first time home-buyer once :) After lots and lots and lots of searching, issues with the inspection, issues with the reinspections, resolving of said issues, and then finally closing, we are now homeowners! It so exciting and intimidating at the same time.
The boys and I came up the day after closing from Portland to stay and get things cleaned up before the movers delivered our things the following week. And BOY, did they need cleaning. No one tells you that the house won't be deep cleaned before you move in! Sellers are only required to sweep it out. 
I'm so glad we came early. It would have been so cluttered with all of the boxes and the need to clean too.

This pantry was very dirty. I felt so proud after I'd scrubbed all day. I had left the back door open so the kids could play in the backyard and I could hear them, and in waltzed a puppy while I was cleaning. I was extremely surprised since we have a fence in our backyard, and our neighbors pup had dug right under it and come on over to say hello. haha. It was pretty hilarious and he helped me meet the neighbors!

 The movers arrived while Dewy had his break from training so he was there to play with kiddos outside while I checked off our stuff. 
 I have to interject and say how happy I am that we have family nearby!!!! Dewy's brother Spencer, his girlfriend, and her parents live nearby and I LOVE them! We all went to eat at their house one evening and it was a soireeeee with SO many different foods.
 They made us so many delicious Chinese foods! We introduced them to their first mashed potatoes. They hated it.... haha!
 Now that our stuff is here we have been unpacking and organizing like mad men. The boys have been feeling slowlyyyy more at home, although not without many night sneaking into mommy and daddy's bed. Dewy's work schedule is a whole other adjustment since it is so different than what we are used to. The house is slowly coming together more every day though and I get so excited as we see things slowly get more homey and comfortable and less cluttered. 

 I had to take a picture of Tucker before one of his top teeth fell out! They have been so sweet and small and the dentist said monster teeth are coming in. My little sweetie and getting SO big!

he found a dollar under his pillow the next morning from mom and dad, and was able to get ice cream because his tooth was so sparkly clean! That's the deal around here.... haha
 SO SO beautiful here

 sent pictures to my family of Maxxy's haircut. Tears!

We found a beautiful park just ten minutes away that has long walking trails, a pond, and two huge playgrounds for kids. We weren't prepared to go walking around, but the kids begged to bring their bikes and scooters next time.

Goats were also sectioned off at the park. A form of weeding for the area!!!! hahaha. I found that amazing. It's how they clean up overgrown parts of their forest!

And while I would literally spend my whole days inside organizing and cleaning until everything was the exact way I want it, the kids have needed playtime. Whenever we're outside I find myself weeding while they play play. 

The previous owners have some REAL beauties planted here. Let's hope I don't kill them!!

We're about at this phase right now. Decor is everywhere, but all the big pieces are in place. Getting closer.....

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

More Adventures Before our Departure to Portland

We found a few parks in Seattle that were fun, and went to the McDonald's play place WAY too often. 
We went to walk around the temple in Bellevue. Insert big heart here.

Once our 30 days of an apartment stay were up, we went down to Portland where Dewy was training and stayed with him in his hotel. They were fine with pets and the room was very spacious! We were on our way at this point to closing on our house we purchased, and so all we had to do was wait it out in Portland until we could go up to OUR house! ah! Man, still so crazy to say.

In Portland I took the kids to lots of various activities as well. We searched for a park on google and the one that came up was the EXACT one my sister's family lived behind while they lived in Portland. It was such a sweet coincidence and I kept thinking back to playing with my sweetie little nieces when they were as tiny as my boys and I was a newlywed!

I knew we had to go see the beautiful Multnomah Falls. It has a tiny hike to the bridge and it was so beautifully sunny I couldn't resist!

Some treats to energize the littles up the hill :) IGNORE haircut!!!

They LOVED the mist we could feel up by the bridge

The day was so perfect and made those days are difficult bearable. What a heavenly place!

We found the jackpot of children's activities off of one exit. It had a zoo, children's museum, forestry center, and arboretum. We started with the forestry center since I knew the boys would love the children's museum the most.

I got few pictures due to the kids activity level at each place. We still have places I want to explore in Oregon so I am looking forward to when we can go back next!

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Final Days in our Seattle Apartment

The month in Seattle has made me adore it. I have an attachment to that city now! I find it soooo lovely. We found maybe the top pizza place of MY LIFE right by our apartment!!! MMMMMM. I want moreeeee. Needless to say our eating has been........ not so good.

Dewy began his 3 weeks of training and so the boys and I went off to explore while he was gone. We went up to the Skagit Valley where they have a tulip festival every year. That was beautiful and so charming!

beautifulllllll city

The week we had before Dewy's training began gave us a few days to explore WITH him. We all went to the Pike Place Market, and I returned later in the week with the kids because it was so magical!

cheese shop :)

I took the boys to see the Bridge Troll as well. We listened to Billy Goat's Gruff on the way and it was such a blast. The kids couldn't believe it and MAN that thing was huge!