Wednesday, March 1, 2017

A Husband Exits the Army

So... here it goes! Our exit from the military. And I do mean WE because, wow, spouse involvement in the military is basically a daily thing. It has had serious highs, serious lows, and lots of uncertainty at times, but something I don't think Dewy or I will ever regret or not find wonderful memories in. We really had it very good as far as military life goes and the jobs and work time Dewy had. But the friends, oh the FRIENDS! The biggest factor for me in getting out was that I HATE saying goodbye to friends. I am so tired of it. It is SO hard and I want to be somewhere where I can not have a distant feeling of knowing I'll be leaving at some point and leaving my sweet friends. 

Dewy, on the other hand, is ready to move on to civilian work, and I hope he likes it :))))

 Here we go.... the final ceremony of ceremonies in the Army! Holy smokes!
This was Dewy's change out of command, but for us it felt like a farewell to the army as well. It has been one heck of a ride.

 Dewy gave a wonderful speech, and was given a few awards he hadn't told me about beforehand! That sneak!!

 My right hand women in the FRG. They basically ran it for me!! I love that Kandie and Mandy!!

Grammy and Michael came down from Utah for a few days to celebrate with us. I just LOVE them! It was a wonderful weekend that they could be apart of.  The boys weren't pleased at all that Grammy was there ;) I mean, look at those faces!!

 the best :)
 best buds

 Tucker had his hands by his eyes in every photo we tried to take.... haha! 

 One of the girls from my young women's class made Dewy a cake for the occasion :))) HOW SWEET!!!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

February Love

My dad is in Kabul on a deployment and doing some AMAZING human rights work for the Afghan military that the US works with. He and my mom were lucky enough to take R&R in New Zealand for most of January. I was soooo happy for them because I know how a deployment feels on the spouse end and I know how my pop had been describing Kabul in its desolation. I mean, this is just HEAVEN!
This was one of the snowmen awaiting him when he got back 

I've been watching Jamesy now and again and man oh man that boy has me thinking back on baby days :))))) He wants to play with everything and anything!!! Whoops....

Jamesy is just the sweeeeeetest. Ugh I will miss that smoochy so much! He runs up to me and snuggles me and..... uhhhhh!! SMOOCHY!
Maxxy sure doesn't feel like a baby anymore with all of his big-boyness. He popped out and surprised me from our pillows one day :)
If you every questioned whether this was a desert... let the tumbleweeds be the proof!
I got a daaaate in with this guy :) Those are always so so nice to get in.
We went to a DECKED OUT restaurant for our Valentines date. The mariachi sounded great and it was soooo cute!

Valentines was so darn sweet. The boys really enjoyed making their cards, although I got plenty of grief from Tucker about how his school doesn't let them do cards. Lots of the kids ended up bringing them anyway, but man alive does that kid find everything wrong in any situation he can....... haha!

JUST missed his heart hands

red waffles! (made by a toaster, not me haha)

We had our Valentines mailbox out and Tucker sent a note "to DAD, Love Solo" and drew him a "sharck boy". I'd say that's the best Valentine he'll ever get! Wesley sent a note to his friend Kevin from school but none of us.... haha

In the biggest life-changing news, Dewy made the decision last fall that we should get out of the military. It was the year we had to decide and he was ready to end this adventure. I've always sensed that Dewy hasn't enjoyed being in the military, and especially didn't enjoy the times that other soldiers considered the "most fun". He has been wonderful at being a leader in the military so I know they are losing an awesome officer, but I am looking forward to Dewy seeing the civilian world of work and hopefully enjoying it. I have been excited to settle down and have to stop saying goodbye to friends. I just despise that and it gets so painful! Dewy got a job in Seattle, Washington and we are off there in April. We plan on buying a house so this is a whole bunch of big moves in a couple of crazy months. I wasn't sure what I would feel getting out of the military, but now that we have a quick countdown left I feel like I am leaving a club that I have been so proud to be apart of. There has always been an air of honor in the military that has been so beautiful. Dewy plans on doing Army Reserve so maybe we'll still feel it :) I just know things will feel a lot different, but we are excited and nervous. Mostly excited! Lots of changes to come :)

and THIS! This was Dewy's LAST haircut in the military. I am going to take progression pictures of his locks. I just can't wait to see them groooooow. 

We also had a Demolition Day and destroyed our treehouse. The wood was old and getting very creaky and cracky so we decided it would be better to tear it down than give it to someone else with our impending move. 

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

New Year With a New Sport

I loved the boys all in comfy robes after bath time. It was precious. Especially munching on their tortillas

We have started basketball! It was the perfect sport for January with our upcoming move. It goes until the first week of March and that's about all we'll have time for. We'll pick up swimming again in the summer, but for now we are LOVING basketball. Wesley especially.

Tucker is not big on team sports, but all the more reason to give him some practice at it before he can go be lone-runner/swimmer/whatever Tuck. That boy loves to run. He still has a great time in bball once he gets going.

Dewy is getting out of the military come April so we have a whole bunch of changes coming up. Big BIG changes. We are off to Seattle, Washington to spend who knows how many years and getting ready here QUICK!

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Post-Christmas Joy

The final excitement of the Christmas holiday was my overnight trip to Utah for my dear dear dear dearryyyy friend, Liz's, wedding. It was heaven. She was so beautiful and it was beyond worth 12 hours in Utah. She means so much to me and being there for such a wonderful moment was joy. 
cocoa and cider bar :) so cute

Lyssie and my mom and I had such a nice evening together. Every moment I spend with my family is just the best!!! Living far away may not be easy, but it sure makes our time together GOLDEN.

I returned home and we are in NEW YEAR MODE. CLEANNNNNNN clean clean! haha