Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Back to Our Summer

All the family and traveling is done for now, so we got right back to our summer after Grammy and Mike left. I took the boys on about a thousand errands the day after Grammy left and so the day after that we met Marko, Jenn, and little Max at the lake for a lake day. Oh my goodness the boys were in heaven there. Washington summers are pure perfection.....

Monday, July 24, 2017

Grammy and Mike Visit!!

A week after we arrived home Grammy came out to visit us :))) I LOVE visitors. We swam, ate out, saw Cars 3, explored, and went to the Northwest Trek. I think the best part was just talking and being together though. We just love them so much!

and we got to do ANOTHER birthday celebration, this time for Tuck and Spencer!!!!
or "Stenter" according to the cake decorator haha

The Northwest Trek was a beautiful trip on a tram through the forrest. We loved it :)

We miss our familyyy already!

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Summer Trip!

The day after the 4th of July the boys and I were up at 4am to drive to Utah! It was too soon to ask for paid time off for Dewy, so the boys and I took the trip on our own. My dad returned from a year in Kabul and we were SOOOOO glad to welcome him home!!!

He brought home a TREASURE TROVE of items from Afghanistan. SO so many cool things that he divvy'd up for everyone
we were SO lucky also because Jack got his mission call in the mail and waited for Papa to get back to open it a few days later. We were all there for the moment and it was such a special thing to see.

Sacramento, California, here he comes!!
Jack is one of my heroes. He has gone through incredibly difficult things and always seems to be a positive guy no matter how challenging life is. I just don't think you can ask for more than getting through your challenges and moving on to be a better person the next day with a good attitude, and that is him all the way. We are going to miss him so much!

we met up with the Hansen crew briefly one afternoon to see Despicable Me 3. We knew grammy and Mike were coming up to Washington the next week for a visit so it wasn't too hard saying such a brief hello :)

My pop requested that we all do a little getaway for the weekend after he got back to play games and have some family time before life started up again in C-ville for him. They found a cabin on Airbnb that we all went to for that weekend and ate food, played ping pong, explored, swam, camped, played games, and just had some great time together. Nothing better :)

I never get quality time with Nicole so this was SO nice! We made little stick boats here :)))

Sarah and Nicole also made the cutest treasure hunt for the boys. They LOVED it.

Jack teaching the boys Tae Kwon Do may have been the cutest thing ever. 

When we all got back from the "escape" it was family barbecue time and LARAAAAA came down to visit me that eveningggggg because she was in Utah for the summer. AHHHH!!! One of my Germany peeps that I just miss so much. 

We chose to stay for Tucker's birthday and drive home the day after so that we weren't driving on his birthday. We celebrated Nicole's too since it was only a few days away. 

Tuck chose ice cream for his birthday dinner :))))) haha
and then we had so much extra cake that we enjoyed a little cake smash all around :) Wonderful memories